TAP Scoresheet

Player Handicap Audit Form

If you believe a player on another team or your own team has a handicap rating that is either "too high" or "too low" you can submit this form to have an audit conducted. Simply complete the form, then email it us or return it in your weekly packet.  A local audit will be done first to determine if a more in-depth look from the National office in Virginia is required. If they determine the need for a handicap change, it will be done. Due to time lines and various constraints, it could take two weeks before audits are completed.

We are happy to review any player and encourage “justifiable” audits. Our objective is to make the League as fair as possible for everyone. If you have questions regarding handicaps or scoring, please contact us.

If you need a copy of our scoresheet, you can download by clicking the button below.

League Forms

Click the buttons below to download the forms.  Please note that these forms are fillable PDFs, which means you can complete them on your computer​ using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternatively, you can print any form out and complete it by hand.  Please contact us if you experience any issues.

Membership Application Form

If you are interested in joining TAP, please complete this form and email it to us.  Annual dues for the league are $20.00.  We will contact you upon receipt of your application and work with you to get you paired up with a team.  

Attention Captains: When adding a new player to your team, it is your responsibility to inquire about any existing handicap rating the new player may have, whether it be from another league, at the State level or from Tournament play.  For reference, you can try to look the player up on the AZ Pool Ratings website.  Remember, this is not a TAP handicap, but can provide a baseline on which we can establish a handicap for your player.  If anyone allows a new player who has an existing League, State or Tournament rating higher than a 4 to start as a Handicap 4 or less, that player will automatically be raised to the appropriate handicap and any team points that were won by that player will be deducted from the team total points and awarded to the team they played.