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How PoolNet Works

Step 5:  View your stats by Total, or detailed Performance Against Handicaps

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Stat Description Definition
Total Matches Total Number of Matches you played in specified time (if applicable)
Matches W-L Self-Explanatory
Shot Success Rate: Completes divided by Total Shots (a value of .685 means 68.5% of the time you were successful in making your shot)
LOT/Game LOT (Left on Table) divided by Games
Match Closeness
(Race-to Comparison)
The % of the match that remains for your opponent when you win a match (Negative means percentage of the match left when you lose). Ex: 0.3333 means you’re winning your match with your opponent still needing 1/5 of their games to win)
Eight on Break Self-Explanatory
Ball Count Ratio Completes divided by Misses
Games W-L Self-Explanatory
Ball Success Rate Balls completed divided by total balls available. Measures your ability to control the table.
LOT/Game Opp LOT divided by Games Won
Player Aggressiveness Opponent completed balls divided by [Completes + LOTs]. Measures the ability of your opponent to control the table.
Break and Run Self-Explanatory

Statistic Definitions

Player Statistics

One of the main reason TAP has been so successful is due to its unique and very fair handicap system. Our National admin has taken time to create a comprehensive scoring methodology that ensures players are ranked, not just on their ability to win, but more importantly, their ability to manage the table and control their opponent's ability to execute successful shots and wins.  The following provides details on how your TAP Handicap is calculated.  To see your own handicap and statistics used to determine it, simple click the "Show Me My Stats" button below to login into our National Handicap system - PoolNet.