players ask, "why should i play tap?"


If you've played pool for any amount of time in the Valley of the Sun, you would know that we have, probably, one of the most developed pool communities in the United States.  Active players, playing in multiple weekly tournaments, "action" constantly on the side, and yes, a plethora of pool leagues (did you say a plethora? - but, I digress...)

‚ÄčTAP, BCA, APA, Master's Leagues, FARGO Leagues, USAPL and the list goes on and on.  So, when it comes time to choose which league you want to invest your time in, we ask you to consider TAP.  And here's why:

  1. TAP has some of the largest payouts of any league.  Between the cash payouts at the end of each session (there are 3 per year) and the fully paid trip to Nationals for an Annual Champion (up to a $10,000 value - includes airfare, hotels and entry fees), National entry fees paid for an Annual Runner-up, and cash payouts for MVPs, by handicap tiers (there are 3) per session.
  2. TAP has 4 major tournaments per year - Titleholder's 3 times per year to determine sessions winners and Master's to determine the teams advancing to Nationals.
  3. All TAP divisions play on 9 foot Diamond tables.
  4. TAP's handicapping system is one of the fairest of any, as it takes into account all shots taken by the players (completions, misses, defense, made balls on the break, and balls left on table).  Handicaps are set between 2 and 7.
  5. TAP has a digital app for both iOS and Android, that records scores in real-time, allows players to view their stats at any time, and updates within hours of the matches being concluded each week (no more paper scoresheets).
  6. TAP's annual dues are only $20.
  7. You can play TAP for only $8 per night, plus a modest green fee.
  8. TAP's National Tournament moves from major city to major city each year.  Some of the recent National events have been Charleston, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and New Orleans.  No other league gives you the chance to play around the Country.  The 2019 National Tournament is being held in Biloxi, MS.
  9. TAP offers play at the Valley's hottest rooms - Freezer's Ice House and Bull Shooters.

So, the next time, you are asked which league you are considering, we encourage to give TAP a try.  We have some exciting additions coming in 2019, that are sure to heat things up even more (new formats and BIGGER payouts!!), and you don't want to miss this!